Ranger 33 Renovation

In 2020 I bought a Ranger 33 that needed a lot of tender loving care.  The lines needed replacing. Some of the internal shelving was rotted. Much of the internal and external teak needed refinishing. The Atomic 4 engine needed some work. Navigation lights needed replacing.  Some vinyl wall covering needed to be removed and replaced. Fresh paint  was needed. The tiller was delaminated, needed re-glueing, and needed varnish. 

The masts, hull, and sails were in good condition.

My crew replaced the points and condensers of the engine with an electronic ignition, replaced seals and cleaned the carburetor, and installed new ignition wires. We installed new navigation lights.  We stripped the old vinyl and replaced it with attractive new vinyl. We stripped out the rotted shelving and replaced it with custom woodwork. We stripped the old varnish on the teak below and above and used Cetol. We installed new lines from Mariner Sails. A friend re-laminated the tiller and we put Cetol on it. Cleaning and painting rounded out the work.

This project took over two years, but the results were beautiful. Below are a few “before” pictures and several “after” pictures. Later I will post some videos of the progress.

She has new owners now and they love sailing in her.